Whipclip: Share Your Favorite TV & Music Moments

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2015 by

whipclip1Whipclip is an app that lets you create and share moments from your favorite TV shows.

TV Meets Social Media

whipclip3With the rise of companies like Hulu and Netflix, more and more people are watching TV shows online. Traditional TV, however, is still the dominant form of media. Whipclip is an app that combines traditional TV with social media, allowing users to watch and share the best moments from their favorite shows and music videos. The app requires users to sign up with Facebook, Twitter or e-mail before beginning to share. Once you’re in, you can access tons of TV shows from various networks. TBS’s Conan, ABC’s The Bachelorette and many other popular shows are all available to create, watch and share clips.


Clip The Best Moments From Your Favorite Shows

whipclip4Each show on Whipclip has its own page, with all the clips that users have created. Each post is accompanied by a short bit of text, and then other Whipclip users can comment on the post. whipclip5You can also explore a regularly updated feed of trending posts.There’s also a section dedicated entirely to music videos, typically featuring the most popular videos available to view on the web. Creating your own clip is easy — you simply drag the slider to the beginning and end of where you want your video. Then you add your own comment and share it with the world. It’s a fun app to use, and it’s available for a free download in both the iOS and Google Play stores.

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