Stance: Luxury Socks

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2015 by

stance45Stance is a new luxury socks brand.

Socks For Any Occasion

stance1Stance¬†has built a successful, inventive company in an area most people don’t even give much thought: socks. The company’s brand of luxury socks is truly unique, offering high-top socks with flashy designs that are typically centered around a particular theme. There are socks for baseball stadiums and teams, for instance, as well as an “Americana” theme. All of the socks are sold through Stance’s online store as well as in other stores with which they have partnered. For socks, the prices are relatively high. A pair can cost anywhere from $10 to $25. Still, the themes make for a worthwhile gift for yourself or others.

Socks For Punks & Poets

stance3Stance offers socks for men, women and kids. There are different themes across each of those categories, and there are also categories dedicated specifically to performance. Runners and skaters, for instance, can find cool socks that are also suitable for their preferred activity. The company also partners with¬†athletes and other notable personalities for a themed series called Punks & Poets. Allen Iverson, Klay Thompson, Haim, and several other celebrities have collaborated with Stance to create a pair of their own socks. These partnerships add to Stance’s overall vibe, which is most likely much cooler than the company that created whatever socks you’re wearing right now. It’s not necessary to own an expensive pair of luxury socks with awesome designs, but it’s worth it.


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