Hipmunk: The Fastest, Easiest Way To Plan Travel

Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 by

hipmunk5Hipmunk is a search engine for flights, hotels, cars and travel packages.

A Visual Travel Timeline

hipmunk1Hipmunk is a travel search engine. Like Kayak or Priceline, the site lets you enter your destination, dates of travel, number of people and origin airport before conducting a search for the best available flights. Hipmunk also searches several airlines (like Sun Country Air) that are typically left off of other sites as well as Amtrak schedules, providing a more comprehensive search. The way Hipmunk returns its results on a visual timeline also makes it easier to compare flight schedules and prices. The site clearly displays the amount of time your flight will take, whether or not your aircraft is equipped with wifi, what time of the day the flight will happen compared to other options, and many other crucial details. It’s the best way to visualize your travel plans.


Agony Or Ecstacy

hipmunk4In addition to the standard ability to sort by price, duration, takeoff or landing time, Hipmunk also lets users filter search results┬áby “Agony” or “Ecstacy.” Agony” is a combination of price, number of stops, and duration of travel time. It helps find the optimal price people are willing to spend for convenience. “Ecstacy” is a filter used for the hotel search feature, and it combines price, amenities and reviews. Similar to the flight search’s ability to search for Amtrak, the hotel search feature also finds the best prices on sites like Air Bnb. Hipmunk might not replace Kayak or your preferred travel search engine, but it’s definitely worth checking as a comparison.


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