Vidme: Share And Discover Videos

Posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 by

vidme4Vidme is a creative community for instantly uploading and sharing videos of all types.

Imgur for Videos

vidme1Vidme is the ultimate platform for sharing and discovering videos online. While “ultimate platform” might sound like hyperbole, especially with YouTube’s dominance and the existence of other great sites like Vimeo, Vidme is great because it offers a quicker and easier way to share anything with anyone. The site has been described as Imgur-for-videos, and for good reason. From the site’s homepage, anyone can click a button and instantly upload a video or GIF file. You can also paste a video or GIF link. No account is required, and the videos are quickly uploaded to the site, available to be browsed by the Vidme community.

Upload And Share Within A Few Seconds

vidme1Vidme’s content is organized in a few different ways. There’s the “Front Page,” which includes the most popular videos as uploaded by the community of users. You can also browse by the most recently uploaded videos, or search for something in particular. The site could probably be improved by having more categories or methods of discovery, but there are still millions of videos to explore. There are really no guidelines at all in terms of content — you can find short clips of TV shows, remixes of presidential speeches, and videos of users like you’d find on YouTube. There’s also no censorship at all, as long as the content is legal. All of the videos are easily streamable and embeddable on third-party sites. Simply for the ease of quickly uploading and sharing a video, Vidme could serve as a viable alternative to YouTube and Video as its service grows.


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