Beatport: Electronic Music And Culture

Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2015 by

beatport5Beatport is the online music store specializing in electronic music and culture.

The iTunes and Spotify of EDM

DJs and fans of electronic music are probably already familiar with Beatport. The site has been dominating online electronic music culture for years, and it’s evolved into one of the top sites for music, period. beatport1It recently underwent a redesign that makes it look more modern and mobile-friendly. The site lets you explore and experience music in a few different ways — by streaming or purchasing DRM-free tracks. Although all of the music is some form of EDM, there are a ton of different subgenres to explore on the platform. It’s nice to have such a focused music platform, especially because services like Spotify and iTunes can become overwhelming simply due to the amount of content that they host. Beatport wont appeal to anyone that’s not an electronic music fan, but for that growing group of people it’s the only place that really matters.


Shows, News and Electronic Music Culture

beatport4Beatport also has a “Shows” section, which lists recommendations for events taking place around the world. The live music experience is an integral part of any EDM fan’s life, and the diversity (both artist and city-wise) of the show recommendations on Beatport is helpful. Rounding out Beatport’s commitment to electronic “culture” as well as music, there’s also a section called “Buzz” that contains news and articles about the EDM scene. There are updates about artists, information about festivals, and all other news that’s relevant to electronic music fans. It’s not updated as regularly or filled with links to tracks and mixes like blogs are, but you can find the music on Beatport’s homepage. Or, of course, you can find in in the store, which is filled with tons of tracks, mixes, albums and sounds and tools that’re useful for DJs.



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