Travel Indicator: Discover New Destinations

Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 by

travelindicator5Travel Indicator is a guide that helps you find travel ideas and destinations.

Where Should You Go?

travelindicator3There are plenty of websites that help you plan the details of your trip — flight search engines like Kayak, hotel booking services like Priceline, recommendation platforms like TripAdvisor, etc. When it comes for inspiration as to where you should travel, however, information is still limited to travel blogs and publications. Travel Indicator uses a combination of data and curated recommendations to give you the best travel ideas and inspiration. The site has visitors enter their country, closest major city, desired temperature, and maximum distance willing to travel. You can also filter based on travel themes like beach, nightlife or mountains.


Beach, Mountains, Urban, Or All Of The Above?

travelindicator4After entering all of your information, Travel Indicator conducts a quick search with personalized results of places where you should travel. Many of the recommendations are for destinations off the typical beaten path — like Ubud, Indonesia or Crete, Greece. Every destination on Travel Indicator comes complete with a full travel guide reminiscent of sites like TripAdvisor. There’s a helpful summary, highlighting the best and worst parts of the particular destination based on your interests. You can also search for flights or hotels, or browse other destinations based on similarities to the one you’re viewing. There’s tons of other information that’s worth scouring on the site, with several collections of destinations grouped by theme, activity, or surroundings. If you’re considering going on a trip in the future but you’re still not sure where to start, Travel Indicator is the best option.


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