Papa’s Cheeseria: Make Sandwiches And Fries

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 by

papascheeseria4Make giant grilled cheese sandwiches and fries in Papa’s Cheeseria.


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Papa’s Cheeseria is another version of the fun flash games made by the Papa Louie Arcade. The game lets you choose between two characters: Rudy or Scarlett. You can also create a custom character to work in the Cheeseria. papascheeseria2After a short backstory in which your character’s instruments are stolen from the back of his or her truck (so you need to start working at Papa’s Cheeseria in order to make enough money to buy them back), the game begins. Playing the game is basically like working in a virtual restaurant, as you have to take orders from customers and create sandwiches and fries. It gets more challenging as the Cheeseria gets busier, and it’s easy to see how difficult it must be for an actual restaurant to balance so many customized orders at once. If you do everything right — like slicing the sandwich in the right place, or adding the right condiments — then you’re awarded with tips and other bonuses. Even though there’s not much action besides sandwich-making in Papa’s Cheeseria, it’s still an enjoyable, challenging game.

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