Top 10 Moments from All Seasons of Game of Thrones

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gotRead about some of the top moments from all seasons of Game of Thrones here.

Will Season 6 Be Worth The Wait?

Season 5 of Game of Thrones wasn’t the most exciting season, in my opinion. Some may think that they shouldn’t bother to watch the 6th season. With all the cliff hangers left in the season finale, and a reminder of some of the biggest moments to happen in the show, we shouldn’t give up. (Warning: there are spoilers about the show in this post).

Most Memorable Moments from All Seasons of GOT

Up until the season finale, Season 5 of Game of Thrones has been dull. Every season has had a dramatic finale with a ton of cliff hangers, but usually the season has some decent action going on in each episode. In season 5, not so much. It was kind of slow and didn’t have much to look forward to until the last couple of episodes. Yes, Arya was changing and trying to become a nobody under the no faced gods and Sansa had to marry a Bolton unwillingly, but what about the Lannisters? Cersei is digging a bigger hole for herself and Jamie is off to find his niece/daughter. Tyrion finally meets Daenerys and witnesses how powerful she really is but, aside from these few things, nothing that happened in the season really stuck out.

Now that Season 5 is finally over, let’s go back and visit the top moments that have happened in each season to try and give us some hope for this next season, which is set to come out April 2016. Whether it was the death of a main character (which has to happen every season of course…) or a huge battle, here is a timeline of the top 10 moments that will forever be remembered by Thrones fans:


1. The First Aired Episode

Honestly, this is a big episode for anyone because it’s where it all started. Of course, unless you read the books, it was impossible to memorize each name. At the same time, the introduction of each character is important to remember because as you watch the next couple of seasons, each character has changed their roles dramatically whether it being they grew up, matured, or ultimately got themselves killed.

2. Jamie Pushing Bran Out of the Tower

Who would’ve thought that these characters would be so heartless? Bran didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he climbed the tower. He happened to catch Cersei and Jamie committing incest. Cersei tells Jamie to deal with him so Jamie thinks the logical thing to do is push him out of the tower window thinking that the fall would kill Bran. He became paralyzed.

3. Ned Stark’s Death

This might have been the first shocker for everyone. No one knew how easily the writers of this show like to kill off main characters. Seeing the beheading of Ned Stark so early in the season made all viewers realize that anything could happen in this show. The first of many stupid acts made by the one and only Joffrey Baratheon.

4. The Red Wedding

Everyone dies. No, not everyone — but Robb Stark and Lady Catelyn are murdered. Who would’ve thought that two more main characters would be killed off? Robb was engaged and expecting a baby, yet him and his fiancé were murdered. This was devastating for all the Robb Stark fans and the ones who thought highly of Lady Catelyn.

5. Daenerys Survives the Fire

The first of many instances where the audience realizes that Daenerys is about to become very powerful. She seemed so vulnerable in the first couple of episodes but once she marries and has her brother killed, she starts doing things on her own terms. She stepped into the fire of where her husband was burned while holding the dragon egg thinking she would die with him yet she survives and the egg cracks open with three dragons inside. She survived being burned alive in a fire. Right…

6. Sam Tarly’s Big Scene

It was hard for the men at the wall to believe him, but it was true. Sam Tarly successfully killed a white walker. Not many characters have ever seen one, yet he killed one. With Sam being treated as a weak man compared to characters like Jon Snow, it was hard for anyone to believe that the white walkers existed (refer to #9).

7. The Purple Wedding – Joffrey Dies (finally)

I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank heavens for the death of King Joffrey. Every action he took and every word he spoke was absurd. He didn’t know how to properly rule a kingdom and was getting on everyone’s nerves. His only supporter was Cersei — but of course as his mother, she had to support him. Joffrey just needed to go.

8. Ygritte Killed in Battle

When this happened, everyone was upset for Jon Snow. We all knew he loved her, so having to watch her be killed was downright depressing. But of course, no one can be happy in this show.

9. Fight Against the White Walkers

No one was prepared for this fight scene. It came out of nowhere and caught everyone by surprise. The white walkers finally made their grand appearance by engaging in a fight with the men from the wall and the wildlings (also known as ‘Free Folk’). It was a deadly battle and only a few survived. Can we go over the fact that typically a normal sword can’t kill or injure a white walker, but Jon Snow somehow managed to use his on one… Odd but, of course, it’s Jon Snow.

10. Speaking of Jon Snow…

He dies during the Season 5 finale. Excuse me while I continue to wipe my tears. Something dramatic was bound to happen in this episode but, to be honest, I would have thought it was Cersei’s walk of hame in front of the whole city. We just had to wait until the very end of the episode before making assumptions. The last scene had to be the most brutal part of the episode; the men of the Night’s Watch turning on their leader, murdering Jon Snow one stab at a time. He’s dead. Maybe he’ll come back as a white walker or another form of being in the next season? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out…

Is Winter Still Coming?

With all that being said, I’m looking forward for what’s to come in the Season 6 premiere next year. They left many stories within the show open for anything to happen. game-of-thronesDid Sansa and Theon make the jump? Did Brienne kill Stannis? How is Cersei going to take the news of her daughter’s death? Is Jon Snow really dead? We’ll have to wait and find out…


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