Timmy: A Log Launching Game

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 by

timmy1Launch a living log as far as you can while playing the fun flash game Timmy.

Launch Your Way To Freedom

Timmy is a projectile launching game similar to Angry Birds or Sushi Cat-a-pult. timmy4On each level, you begin by launching Timmy — a log with legs, a face and an outfit — off of a beaver’s tail. You can continue clicking in order to make Timmy jump, avoiding obstacles like saws and other machinery that threatens to cut you down. timmy2You can also jump to collect coins and other upgrades. There are many objectives and quests along the way, some of them more simple than others. One quest, for instance, just requires you to play the game ten times. Another more difficult quest requires you to fly 100 meters without clicking at all. The woodsy theme makes Timmy unique, and it’s fun to try to keep the log bouncing for as long as you can before it gets cut by the machine.


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