Catchafire: Use Your Professional Skills To Make A Difference

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 by

catchafire5Catchafire matches professionally-skilled volunteers with nonprofits and social enterprises.

What Do You Care About?

catchafire2Catchafire helps professionals gain experience by volunteering to help non-profits and charities on projects that will make a difference. When you first arrive at the site, Catchafire asks you two simple questions: “What do you care about?” and “What are you good at?” There are multiple choices for a response based on your professional skills and charitable interests. After entering a combination, Catchafire instantly returns a list of options for projects that you can work on. Each project is set up similar to a Kickstarter campaign, with the non-profit or charity clearly outlining their needs as well as the type of volunteer they’re looking for. Instead of raising money, however, Catchafire lets volunteers know how much money their time will help the non-profit save.


What Are You Good At?

catchafire4As with any job, Catchafire requires volunteers to submit an application. Non-profits can review multiple submissions¬†and hold interviews with potential volunteers in order to make the best decision as to who to select. For volunteers, the site offers a way to hone¬†professional skills while contributing to a meaningful cause. Non-profits and charities save money on projects while still getting the professional quality that they need. There are tons of different types of projects on Catchafire, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find some way to contribute no matter your skill set. For non-profits and charities in need of some extra help, it’s worth listing your project on the site in order to see if you can find an extra volunteer or two. Overall, the site makes positive professional connections for meaningful impact.



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