Top 4 Websites That Will Edit Your Photos into Perfection

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Online Photo EditingThese four websites can help you with all your photo editing needs.

There are four websites that can help you in different ways!

When I want to edit my photos for either a blog or one of my personal social media accounts, I never know which program to use. Every website is different and it is hard to decipher which one will give you the outcome you are looking for. I put together this blog to help others who are also having this issue.

1. Be Funky

Be Funky is the website that I decided to use for my blog, “The Second Time is Apparently the Better Time,” as it involved collaging two pictures side by side to show the difference. I chose to use Be Funky, as not only does it have a photo editing option, it also has a collage option. Even though most photo editing sites have collage options now, Be Funky’s is more unique as it allows for you to design your collage and not use a template if you don’t want to. Be Funky has a Graphics option as well, which means that if you want you can add accessories or sayings onto your photo.

Be Funky2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey took a new approach to classic photo editing and decided to include an option for someone to create their own photo from scratch. This means that the individual gets to pick the canvas colour and really make the photo his or her own. The person usually uploads a photo to the canvas in order to edit the actual photo — the way the photo turns out, however, is totally up to them. PicMonkey also has a feature to allow you to “rescue bad photos with just a couple clicks.” Don’t worry, there is a tutorial involved. Being able to recreate photos that have been damaged means a lot, as a picture can mean a thousand words in someone’s eyes.

PicMonkey3. PhotoCat

PhotoCat not only has the ability to enhance someone’s mascara, but it also has a text feature. This feature is unique, as adding a little bit of words to a picture can help you remember the moment that this picture was taken. PhotoCat also has a collage and retouching feature for whatever your needs may be. I personally believe that PhotoCat has the best effects compared to other websites as it has more of a variety. You also have the option to decide on the percentage of the effect so it can either be a light change or a full on effect change. It is truly up to you, and you have the ability to play with it until you are satisfied.


4. PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is quite different compared to the other three photo editing websites. The unique thing about PhotoFunia is that it includes examples. It will take one picture and show it to you in all the different effects so that you can truly see the difference and make an educated decision. It also has examples on billboards, celebrities, magazines and movies; meaning this website is not only for someone’s social media, it’s for more professional means as well. PhotoFunia currently has 435 different effects available online. There is truly something for everybody. PhotoFunia


If you need more help, Wibki is the place to go. This website strives to become your key to the web by offering a visual bookmarking tool specifically designed to assist you with your personal photography. So don’t be shy and go onto Wibki to see what else can help! Wibki Photos


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