The Tasting Room: Taste. Rate. Enjoy.

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2015 by

tastingroom5The Tasting Room is an online wine club that caters to your tastes and preferences.

Build Your Taste Profile

tastingroom4The Tasting Room is the wine club created by online wine retailer Lot 18. The site differentiates itself from other subscription wine services by catering specifically to your own tastes and preferences. Rather than sending you a random bottle each week or month, The Tasting Room learns what you like and sends you wines accordingly. The service begins by sending you mini bottles, letting you compare different types of wine. Even if you already know you prefer one type — red vs. white, pinot vs. cabernet, etc. — it’s useful to be able to compare wines and report your reviews to The Tasting Room.


Only Drink Wines You Like

tastingroom3Every time you sample wines, The Tasting Room gets to know your preferences better. This makes its future selections more intelligent, and, hopefully, more delicious. The company does send full bottles of wine after it learns what you like. The site also builds a personalized wine profile, featuring tons of suggestions tailored specifically to you. The site recommends regions and types of grapes that you should explore, food pairings that you should try, and all the other wine-related info that you need. If you love wine and want to improve your knowledge of the drink, The Tasting Room offers one of the most convenient ways to sample new products and figure out what you really like.


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