Hi: A Real Time Writing Community

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2015 by

hico1Hi is a place to read and write location-based content.

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hico2Hi is a platform for writers around the world. The site is branded as a “real time writing community.” That means its a space to publish your stories and ideas as they come to you, even if they’re unfinished. Whenever you have an idea, you can add it directly to Hi and either publish it or save it as a draft. You can always come back to every Hi post in order to expand upon your idea. The platform also combines high-quality images with well-formatted text that makes for a better reading experience. Anyone can add content, but there are tons of great stories available to read.


Where In The World Are You?

hico3Hi also emphasizes the location in which the stories are published. Every story is tagged with a location and a time. There are numerous ways to explore Hi’s published moments, such as viewing all of the stories from a particular city. There’s an interactive map that makes finding these moments easier, and the site also organizes collections of writers based on topic or location. Every member of Hi has a public profile, giving the site an active community feel. You can subscribe to other users or build up your own group of followers. Wherever you are in the world, you probably have something to say. Hi is the place to share it.


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