GigRove: Find Your Next Trip Gig Or Startup Helper

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 by

gigrove5GigRove helps connect business startups with skilled travelers.

Work For Your Accommodations

gigrove2There’s a growing trend in both remote workers and startup culture throughout the globe. Companies can be established anywhere, and freelance workers can conduct their business while on the road. GigRove is a site that helps facilitate the relationships between startup companies in need of some extra help and skilled travelers in need of some extra work. The most common thing startups offer on GigRove is a place for travelers to stay in exchange for some help with their business. If you’ve ever been on a lengthy journey, you know how much of a difference a free room can make on your bank account.


Travel And Work Anywhere

gigrove1There are work opportunities throughout the world hosted on GigRove. The tasks vary in degree of difficulty and knowledge. One host in Belgium, for instance, posted a job with the headline “Need help with moving furniture & handyman tasks.” A host in Mexico City is looking for an English teacher, a company in Singapore is looking for programmer interns, and a company in Colorado is looking for social media help. Not all of the hosts are companies — some are individuals or families looking for some extra help with a specific task. Still, your help could lead to a free place to stay and an exciting new experience. GigRove is filling a specific niche — places to stay for travelers, free labor for early-stage companies — yet it’s also a popular one. As remote work and tech startups both continue growing, GigRove will be an important resource for both sides of the equation.


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