The Memo: The New Publication For People Curious About The Future

Posted on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 by

thememo5The Memo is a digital publication covering technology, innovation and the future.

Covering The Future, Worldwide

thememo3The Memo is an online publication featuring news, interviews and other articles relating to technology, finance and culture. The site is published by the Creative Agenda Group, and its editorial staff consists of talented journalists from around the world. There are reporters based in London, New York, San Francisco and Paris — all forward-thinking cities contributing to the advancement of technology. The stories on the site reflect its international scope — with articles about the UK’s FinTech sector, as well as stories about how Google’s self-driving cars will impact California’s roads. Because The Memo is based in London, however, the majority of the content is UK-related.


Did You Get The Memo?

thememo2The Memo is a news site, but it also has more in-depth articles that explore topics in more detail. It also curates articles from elsewhere around the web, linking to articles from The Telegraph or Wired that adhere to the same editorial style as The Memo. In accordance with the site’s name, The Memo also exists in the form of a daily e-mail newsletter, The Daily Memo. More and more sites seem to be moving towards the e-mail subscription format, and quickly reading through the articles is an easy way to catch up on all the technology news you might’ve missed. Otherwise, The Memo has a great design and is definitely worth a visit.thememo4


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