The Top 5 Websites for Creating a Standout Resume

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bigstock-Resume-concept-in-word-tag-clo-36378274These top 5 websites for creating a standout resume contain resume templates as well as important tips about what information you should be sure to include. They will ultimately assist an individual in obtaining their dream job.

An Important Process

Many people are nervous when applying for jobs because they have to give the employer or recruiter one or two sheets of paper that ultimately explains them. As I am a student constantly applying to many different jobs, having a unique resume could benefit me greatly. It is also for this reason that I was extremely interested in doing research and finding the top 5 websites for creating a standout resume.

What's Your Dream Job?


Make a Resume in Minutes

Resumonk is an amazing website with a large collection of different templates for every person’s needs. It is a great website to visit when in need of ideas to enhance your resume, or even how to create one for the first time. Resumonk also has a blog in which it explains the top 5 resume mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as tips on what to include and what fonts to use.


Resume for Free

This website has many different options for you when creating your resume. You are able to make a classic paper resume, or join what reality is turning into and make your resume an online or mobile resume. The amazing thing about Doyoubuzz is that you are able to mainly focus on the content in which you are putting into your resume and just watch it become a final piece on its own.


Infographic Resume

This is a brilliant website with the ability to create a simple text resume, an ATS (applicant tracking system) ready resume or even an info graphic resume. The main difference about this particular website is the info graphic resume, as it presents your personality and achievements into a visually appealing standard piece of paper. It also takes information from your LinkedIn profile allowing you to weed out the information that is not the most noteworthy or relevant in order to pinpoint the exact information the employer or recruiter is looking for.


Standout Resume in Minutes

This website allows for people to create a resume based on the field of work they are entering. Visualcv has over 8000 resume samples from all different job backgrounds and many different industries. There are three easy steps when creating your resume on Visualcv. The first one is to choose a professional design, aligning it with your dream job. The second is to publish your resume as an online CV or PDF. This step allows you to make a personal website that includes all the necessary information to obtain your dream job. The last step is to send out and track your resume. This way you can see who is reaching out and seeing your resume and how many people are downloading it for further inspection.


As illustrated in the video above, is a website that helps you create a resume for the future. Due to the fact that everything these days is online, soon resumes will be videos and completely online. People won’t even bring in paper to their job interviews. Instead, they will just bring their laptops. This website allows you to create your resume in the most visually appealing way, including all necessary information. It also makes it fun instead of boring to look at.

Websites to Create a Resume

We have given you 5 websites to assist you in creating a standout resume. However, there are many more websites out there. If you want to continue exploring the internet and the different ways to create a distinct resume for your own individual interests, then go to Wibki to see more websites that can assist you. Simply go onto the website and click on the “Resume” tab to see what else the web has to offer. There is no reason to not try it out, so go ahead and get the job of your dreams.

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