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Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 by

thekitchn5The Kitchn helps everyone live happier, healthier lives at home through the kitchen.

Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen

thekitchn3The Kitchn is an online publication that helps people make the most out of one of the most important rooms in every home: the kitchen (as, obviously, the blog’s name would suggest). The site publishes 20 articles on a daily basis, ranging from recipes to inquisitive articles like “Is It Cheaper to Support Your Green Juice Habit at Home?” Regardless of your eating habits, there’s always something to be learned from the site. Whether that’s “21 Important Things We’ve Learned About Food from Mindy Kaling’s Instagram” or “5 Cheap Ways to Make iPhone Speakers for the¬†Kitchen” is up to you.


Find The Right Meal Plan

thekitchn1The articles on The Kitchn are split across six categories: “Recipes,” “Advice,” “Kitchens,” “Drinks,” “Gatherings” and Shopping.” There’s also a companion site called Apartment Therapy, which offers similar articles and advice for the rest of your home.¬†While many of the articles are fun listicles or easygoing posts about random topics, The Kitchn is also useful for getting you on track to cooking and eating healthily. The “Meal Plans” section of the site offers recipes and advice for cooking ahead, with notable chefs and The Kitchn’s editorial staff alike offering their own recommendations. It can be hard to figure out how to make full use of your kitchen, but The Kitchn is one of the first places you should visit on the web for help. It’s not just a food blog; it’s much more.


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