Newton’s Law: Save The Mall!

Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 by

newtownslaw1Help mall cop Newton enforce the law in space!

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

newtonslaw3When a space mall comes under attack by evil robots, Newton is tasked with saving the day. The only problem is that the robots also activated the mall’s anti-gravity mode, so everyone (including you, as mall cop Newton) is forced to float around the mall. newtownslaw4The point of the game is to get to the mall’s third floor in order to turn the gravity back on and, hopefully, save the day. The controls of the game are simple: you use Newton’s gun to get around, clicking to fire it in the opposite direction you want to travel (according to Newton’s third law). You can press the ‘E’ key to interact with people, like the civilians that you’re tasked with saving. You can also upgrade your weapon as you progress throughout the game. It’s difficult to master the mechanics of the game because the anti-gravity element is so disorienting, but once you get the hang of things Newton’s Law is a uniquely fun flash adventure.



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