Tech Cities: Explore The Tech Globe

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2015 by

techcities1Tech Cities showcases the technology industry’s top cities throughout the globe.

Tech All Over The World

techcities2For better or worse, the technology industry has transformed the world. By the nature of the industry, companies can essentially be built anywhere. Real estate firm Savills has created an interactive website to showcase the most popular Tech Cities around the globe. The site uses a nighttime map with images courtesy of NASA. You can scroll throughout the map in order to view more information about cities like San Francisco, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Mumbai. There are also lesser-known tech hubs like Stockholm and Austin, TX (surprisingly the site’s #1 choice) profiled on Tech Cities. It’s interesting to compare how different cities treat the technology industry.


Zoom In For More

techcities4If you click to zoom in on a particular city on Tech Cities, you can view a great deal of information about the city’s tech infrastructure. The site shows charts of what life is like in the city for members of the tech industry, as well as other key metrics. There’s also info about the average broadband download speed, as well as cost of living and general quality of life. Since Savills is a real estate company, there’s a heavy emphasis on the “Property” section. Tech has long been a contentious industry for the way its companies and employees drive up prices in certain neighborhoods, so it’s interesting to see how the different costs compare across continents. There’s a lot to explore on Tech Cities, so it’s worth checking out.


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