GoSeek: Deals On Every Trip

Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2015 by

goseek5GoSeek helps you save on hotels where you want, when you want.

Where Do You Want To Go?

goseek3GoSeek helps travelers find the best deals on hotels in any city, at any time. The site was founded by Clem Bason, former president of Hotwire.com. The homepage is simple, letting users choose the dates and city in which they’re seeking a hotel. It then returns a list of results, with all the features of a major hotel booking platform. You can filter via location, “freebies” like breakfast or parking, amenities like pools and restaurants, price and property type. GoSeek then displays the price of the hotel across multiple platforms, as well as the best deal that they’re able to obtain. Booking takes place on third-party sites, but GoSeek makes it much easier to find a great deal and compare costs.


Our Price, Or Theirs?

goseek2GoSeek always presents two options: either “Get our best” or “Get their best.” The first option typically consists of a lower price that you won’t find on other travel sites, made possible through GoSeek’s deal-saving system. The second option is the next best price that you’d be able to find on through a website like Orbitz, Booking.com or TripAdvisor. It’s unclear why any traveler would ever click the second option, but GoSeek makes it possible to click through to those third-party sites in order to complete your (more expensive) booking. Otherwise, GoSeek is the most comprehensive coupon and deal-searching site for hotel booking. If you’re planning a stay anywhere in the future, consider checking GoSeek in order to ensure you’re getting the best, fairest price.


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