Dronestagram: A Collection Of Aerial Photography

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2015 by

dronestagram3Share and explore aerial pics with other drone fanatics on Dronestagram.


dronestagram2Some pictures just aren’t worthy of Instagram. They deserve something better. Like Dronestagram, the online community for aerial photography. The site, like Instagram, contains user-uploaded photographs as well as the ability to comment on those images. The only difference is that Dronestagram pictures are taken from an aerial view point, snapped by a camera-equipped drone. Each post on the site also contains a map of where the image was taken, as well as the type of drone and camera that were used. By clicking on the drone or camera type, you can explore all of the images that have been taken by the same equipment. It’s like an Instagram hashtag, but cooler.


Video, Too

dronestagram4Dronestagram also has an entire section dedicated to video taken by drones. There’s some amazing content from all around the world. The site, which was created in France but has a global user base and audience, shows just how large the drone phenomenon has grown. It’s one of the most popular ways for photographers and videos to capture footage, and it provides a perspective that’s unique to any other camera. Drones let us see the world from a different view, and Dronestagram lets us view all of those images. The site also contains a “Community” section with a discussion forum, contests, and other additional info.


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