Surprise Ride: A Monthly Box Of Adventure

Posted on Monday, June 8th, 2015 by

surpriseride1Surprise Ride is a subscription box filled with curated monthly activities for kids.

A New Surprise Each Month

Surprise Ride is a monthly box subscription service that’s intended to encourage and inspire creativity in children. surpriseride2Each month, Surprise Ride sends a box filled with a curated list of DIY activities, along with the materials needed to complete those projects. Each month has a unique theme, typically covering some (at least vaguely) educational topic like art, science, food or geography. The boxes contain creative projects as well as books, snacks and other materials. A recent nautical-themed box, for instance, included supplies to build a toy ship as well as a joke book and sea salt popcorn. The contents of the boxes vary on a monthly basis, but there are always great things that your children can enjoy.


Unlock Your Child’s Creative Spirit

surpriseride3Surprise Ride is recommended for children ages 6 – 11. There are multiple ways to purchase boxes, the most common being a $24.99 per month subscription. There’s also the option to pay an extra $10 for individual boxes, or to pick and choose on a monthly basis. Shipping is included in the price, and the box always arrives addressed to your child’s name. If your children are interested in the types of crafty projects or books that Surprise Ride delivers, it’s worth signing up in order to give them something fun to look forward to every month. There are plenty of subscription box services on the market these days, but Surprise Ride is one of the few that will inspire your child to complete creative activities and challenges.


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