Fleck: Get Inspired

Posted on Monday, June 8th, 2015 by

fleck1Fleck offers daily, curated inspiration from a global community of artists, designer and makers.

Top 20 Photos Of The Day

fleck2Fleck is a mobile app that offers a constant stream of high quality images. If that sounds like Instagram, it’s because the platform is similar. The main difference is in Fleck’s curation. Anyone can submit photographs to Fleck, and anyone can vote on the quality of those images. The top 20 photos — as decided by the community — are then added to Fleck’s “Top” feed. The site has a high standard of quality, requiring all submissions to have a minimum resolution of 1242 x 1242 pixels. It also requires that users only submit photographs that they take themselves, so it encourages artists and photographers to connect with each other and build their online repertoires.


Make Your Vote Count

fleck3Fleck spreads its photos across categories, like “Architecture,” “Graphic Design,” “Ink,” “Street Art” and “Street Fashion.” fleck4You can browse images in all of these topics, all of which are organized in clean feeds that display images without all the distraction found on apps like Instagram. If you’re inspired by something you find outside the “Top” feed, all you have to do is swipe up in order to voice your support for it. Drag a photo downwards if you don’t like it — all of the voting is secret so you don’t have to worry about making any enemies. As of now, Fleck is only available on iOS. If you have an iPhone, it’s absolutely worth a download.

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