Kollekt.fm: Music Discovery Reinvented

Posted on Monday, June 8th, 2015 by

kollektfm5Stay up to date with new music shared by sources you trust with Kollekt.fm.

The Only Music Feed You Need

kollektfm2There are more music services online than any individual could possibly use. You can stream music from Soundcloud, YouTube, or Spotify, as well as a myriad of other options. Kollekt.fm was built as a centralized hub for your music, collecting streams from all of those different sources and making them more easily discoverable. Above all, the site is a music discovery service. Its feed constantly pushes new tracks, pulled directly from sources that you add as well as its own recommendations. It’s like Feedly for music, with the ability to stream all of the songs from within Kollekt.fm’s platform.

Create And Share Playlists

kollektfm1Kollekt.fm helps music lovers save time scouring blogs and other websites for new music. It’s almost surprising that another service like this doesn’t exist already, as tons of companies have been trying to crack the music discovery problem for years. Like comparable services, Kollekt.fm quickly learns your tastes and preferences and tailors its recommendations accordingly. Users can also easily create and share playlists with each other, giving the site an added social network feel. There’s an emphasis electronic music on the site, but all genres are equally represented. It’s a useful site for anyone that wants to spend lest time scouring the web and more time discovering great new music.

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