Scrumpt: Easy To Assemble Lunches For Kids

Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 by

scrumpt5Scrumpt sends you an easy-to-assemble kit of healthy food for your kids’ lunches.

Made By An Entrepreneurial Mother-Daughter Duo

scrumpt1Scrumpt is a new product launched by an innovative mother-daughter duo at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt SF. The service solves the problem of creating quick, affordable, healthy meals for kids to take to school. It works like any other subscription box service — a popular area for food lately. After signing up with Scrumpt, you fill out a food profile so that the company can tailor its lunches to your kids tastes, allergies and other specific interests. The goal is to build a balanced meal that will be healthy, but your child will also enjoy. Scrumpt boxes arrive every Saturday, with enough time to prepare for the following week.


Making Lunch Cheaper And Easier

scrumpt2Scrumpt includes all the ingredients you need to build your child lunches for the week. As with Blue Apron and other comparable services, you do have to do a bit of work. That also means you can assemble the lunches however you’d like. There are a couple different pricing options for Scrumpt subscribers. All are relatively affordable. 5 lunches, for instance, costs just $24/week. 3 lunches costs $19/week. That’s less than you’d be likely to pay at the grocery store, especially considering the time Scrumpt saves traveling, making a grocery list, and dealing with any other issues that might arise. You can also buy a “Travel Survival Kid” with games and snacks to keep your kids entertained on long rides or trips. Scrumpt is a great idea that could improve the lives of many busy parents and their kids.


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