Reddit.TV: Stream /r/videos

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 by

reddittv5Reddit.TV is the easiest way to watch Reddit’s video content.

A Better Way To Watch TV

Reddit.TV contains an endless stream of all the videos posted to Reddit’s /r/videos. Given that these clips are from Reddit, the content varies widely in scope. reddittv4There are incredibly strange and interesting videos that you’d never find through your own search or browsing activity, as well as more popular clips from late night television shows or music videos. There’s a good mix of short form and long form content, as well. If you keep watching the videos, they’ll keep rotating through. You can also click through to the next video using the arrows on the sides. The only rule is that the videos will never stop playing.


 Tons of Channels

reddittv2Reddit.TV is also useful as a better way to visually organize different clips than what you can find on /r/videos. The site separates its content into several different categories, all relating to various subreddits. There’s a “Hip Hop Heads” channel, for instance, as well as “Sports,” “Games,” and “Reddit Picks” channels. There’s also a useful “Full Movies On YouTube” channel if you’re looking for a Netflix alternative. You can also change the types of content that are displayed by tinkering with the site’s filters — making the results SFW or NSFW, shuffling the videos, sorting by day, week or month and adding or removing YouTube annotations. All of the videos are also embedded from YouTube, so it’s easy to click towards that site if you find something you want to share. Even if you don’t regularly use Reddit, you’ll likely find something enjoyable by watching


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