KeyMe: Your Keys, Only Smarter

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 by

keyme5KeyMe offers a way to copy, share, and personalize keys.

A Locksmith In The Cloud

keyme2KeyMe is the most powerful locksmith on the web. The site allows users to scan their physical keys, storing a digital copy securely in the cloud. This allows people to easily get duplications, or to access their keys in the event of a lockout. The entire scanning process can be completed from your mobile phone. Copies of keys can also be shared with families and friends, and you can upload scans of car keys, mailbox keys and many other types of keys in addition to home keys. You can also save as many keys as you want on the app.


Find A Kiosk

keyme1KeyMe also has several automated kiosks — which it refers to as “Locksmiths In A Box” — that let you quickly copy and print keys. There are several kiosk locations in KeyMe’s home of New York City, as well as additional kiosks spread throughout the United States. At a kiosk or through KeyMe’s website, you can also order decorative key duplications. You can customize your keys with team logos, movie characters and other designs. You can also print a standard brass key. Overall, KeyMe offers a convenient way to feel secure about your key situation. You can avoid ever having to deal with a traditional locksmith again.


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