Maine Thing Quarterly: The Thoreau – Wabanaki Trail

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 by

mainething1Retrace Thoreau’s journey through Maine in this edition of The Maine Thing Quarterly.

Experience Maine’s Wilderness

mainething3The Maine Thing Quarterly is an interactive online publication covering the most interesting stories relating to the Pine Tree State. This quarter’s edition — the fourth in the publication’s history — focuses on Henry David Thoreau, the Northeastern author infamous for his journeys into nature. Because this publication is dedicated to all things Maine, the edition focuses on the Thoreau’s journey through the state. Although he’s probably most famous for his book Walden, Thoreau also authored the book The Maine Woods. This edition explores the Thoreau – Wabanaki Trail, which was established in 2007 in order to honor the author’s experience in Maine.


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mainething5The Maine Thing Quarterly‘s Thoreau – Wabanaki Trail edition is told in five chapters. Each contains an amazing mix of text telling the history of Throeau’s experience through the state and pictures of Maine Thing Quarterly journalists recreating the journey. Because the publication is interactive, there are also gifs and videos that give further insight into the history and landscape of Maine. You can learn about Thoreau’s multiple forays into the Maine wilderness, and seeing how the woods and waters have been untouched for so many years will make you want to take that journey yourself. If you’re lucky enough to visit Maine’s nature and beauty firsthand, you can travel the Thoreau – Wabanaki Trail. For everyone else, The Maine Thing Quarterly offers the next best thing.


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