Readlang: Learn A Language By Reading

Posted on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 by

readlang1Readling is a web browser extension that teaches foreign languages through translated text online.

Learn While You Read The Web

readlang3There are tons of language-learning sites online, each of which uses a different method of instruction. Aside from Readlang, however, none of them are as effective at actually getting you reading the language that you want to learn as its used around the web. Readlang is an easily installable web browser extension that helps users learn and practice more than 40 different languages. This is one of the site’s main advantages over other learning apps — whereas languages like Czech and Turkish are typically ignored on sites like Duolingo, for instance, they’re both options on Readlang. There are several more languages — like Irish, Icelandic and Hebrew — that are also currently in beta mode on the site. It works across all devices, and is free unless you want to pay $24/year for unlimited daily phrase translations (free accounts get 10 per day, but unlimited word translations).


Make Flashcards And Keep Practicing

readlang5After you’ve installed the Readlang extension and indicated both your native language as well as the language you intend to learn, you can quickly translate entire webpages. With Readlang installed, you can click on any word on a particular page and have it instantly translated to the opposite language. The words that you’re struggling with are saved as digital flashcards to Readlang’s platform, and they can be accessed for additional practice later. You can also add your own text to read/translate, or browse public texts (or, again, any website at all). The way Readlang integrates so seamlessly with the rest of the web makes it one of the best, most unique and powerful language-learning tools online.


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