Simple Therapy: Your Anytime Alternative To Physical Therapy

Posted on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 by

simpletherapy5Simple Therapy offers an alternative to physical therapy, featuring video-based exercise therapy created by doctors.

Video-Based Therapy Programs

simpletherapy1Simple Therapy was created by physicians as an alternative option for the many patients that experience pain but are unable to attend physical therapy for a variety of reasons. If your schedule, bank account, or insurance plan prohibits you from receiving regular physical therapy treatment, Simple Therapy offers a solution to deal with your pain. The site hosts instructional videos, each of which teaches you how to deal with common pains located around the body. Although the site was created by doctors and the exercise therapy programs are grounded in medical research and orthopedic best practices, Simple Therapy is upfront about the fact that it’s not a replacement for a visit with an actual doctor. It is, however, a useful alternative.


Treat Your Pain From Home

simpletherapy2Simple Therapy also tailors its treatment based on individual’s needs and feedback. The site asks first time visitors to select where their pain is located. It then gives additional information about the particular location on the body, as well as a free sample video and the offer of one free session. In order to access additional sessions, Simple Therapy charges $90 for three months of unlimited sessions. For a year of unlimited sessions, the site charges $180. Although that may seem like a lot, the site also includes a savings calculator to show how much money you save compared to in-person physical therapy. Dealing with pain is tough, but Simple Therapy offers the opportunity to get customized physical therapy from the comfort of your home.


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