Pledgeling: Giving To Charity Just Got Easier

Posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 by

pledgeling5Pledgeling is an easy way to find nonprofits and causes in order to donate to the cause of your choice.

Click, Click, Donate!

pledgeling2Pledgeling describes itself as “the easiest place to donate to charity online.” If that’s not true, it’s certainly close. The site hosts tons of nonprofits and charitable causes on its platform, and once you have a Pledgeling account set up donating is as easy as clicking a few buttons. The site’s homepage has several nonprofits to explore, and you can also conduct a search or follow “Causes” like Military & Veterans, Education, or Mental Health. Following causes helps you keep track of the different ways organizations are fighting a common problem. You can also filter the nonprofits by state or by more specific keywords.


Charity Keeps 100% Of Your Donation

pledgeling4Keeping track of all your charitable donations conducted through Pledgeling helps make things more trackable when tax season rolls around. You can print a summary of all your donations on one simple PDF. While many might be skeptical of Pledgeling’s intent in building the site, 100% of your donations are given directly to the nonprofit of your choice. All they receive is your name and the amount that you’re donating, unless you choose to remain anonymous. There is, however, a social component to the site. You can follow influencers or create your own philanthropic profile, connecting with others that share the goal of doing good for the world.


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