Options Away: Lock In Your Flight Price

Posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 by

optionsaway5Options Away is a flight booking service that lets you lock in fares for a specified amount of days, with the ability to decide later.

Don’t Stress. Decide When You’re Ready

optionsaway1The hardest part about booking flights is that prices are always fluctuating. You can check an airline one day and see a list of cheap flights, only to have them skyrocket the next day when you’re ready to book. Flight search engines like Kayak now have features that speculate when the best time to book would be, but none provides the level of comfort and security offered by Options Away. The site takes a unique twist on flight booking, allowing you to lock in a price for 2, 3, 7 or 14 days. This gives you time to decide whether the fare and flight work for you. If the flight drops in price during that time, you pay the lower fee. If it increases, you pay what you originally agreed to pay.

A Full-Service Travel Agency

optionsaway3Options Away also tracks the status of your flight, sending you notifications about price fluctuations or alternative itineraries. It’s incredibly convenient to have the site do that work for you, especially because there’s no obligation to go through with your booking after you’ve locked in a price. If you decide not to confirm a flight, you don’t have to do anything and the booking is automatically canceled. It does cost money, of course, to hold the flight. It’s typically fairly cheap, though. Options Away books the flight for you, making it a full-service online travel agency. That also comes with perks — like the ability to contact its customer service team for help at any time of the day. Given the cost of securing a booking, Options Away isn’t necessarily an alternative to other flight search engines that help you find cheap prices. But it is the best way to hold a flight price while you take the time to decide whether you’re ready to book a trip.


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