Scholly: The Easiest Way To Find Scholarships

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 by

scholly5Scholly is a web and mobile app that connects students with scholarships to help fund their education.

Find The Right Scholarships

scholly1In this current economic climate, the cost of higher education is increasingly difficult to balance. Luckily, there have always been resources out there to help qualified students fund their education. Before Scholly, however, they were much harder to find. The platform helps high school, college and graduate students quickly and efficiently search for scholarships. It helps students save time looking through listings of scholarships that they might not even qualify for — and Scholly has a clean interface that’s preferable to many of the other scholarship sites out there. It’s primarily a mobile platform, although the web browser equivalent is just as helpful and easy to navigate.


Get Help Funding Your Education

scholly2Upon signing up, Scholly asks users to enter some personal details about their education background, gender, race, and scholarship needs. scholly3The site then returns a list of potential scholarships that have applications available on the web. Scholly only returns lists of scholarships for which you qualify based on the personal details you provide at set-up. This is the app’s crucial feature, as it makes it much easier to sort out the scholarships you shouldn’t waste your time applying for. There are other features on the app that make it useful for students of all levels, such as example application essays and scheduled application reminders. If you’re planning on attending a university, you might as well check Scholly to see if they can help you pay for it.

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