You Need A Budget: Gain Total Control Of Your Money

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2019 by

You Need A Budget is a comprehensive budgeting app.

Start Budgeting Now

You need a budget. Even if you already have a budget spreadsheet, or some other method of keeping track of your finances, you could likely benefit from downloading You Need A Budget: an app that aims to help people get out of debt and save more money. Ironically, YNAB costs money. It’s free, however, for the first 34 days, so you get a chance to test out whether or not you like the system. If you do, then the service costs $84/year. Add it to your budget. If you can afford it. Even though if you’re using the app, you probably can’t. Oh well. It’s still worth trying out.

Pay Off Debt & Save!

You Need A Budget lets you manage all aspects of your money input and output, setting up specific categories, recurring payments, and savings goals. All of your data is laid out in an easy-to-follow manner, and there are extra features like budget sharing, goal tracking, financial reports, and, in contrast to other budgeting apps, real time personal support. YNAB helps you think about every dollar that you earn, and every dollar that you spend. If you want to get back on a path to financial stability or even success, you need a budget; to help you with that, you need You Need A Budget.

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