10 Interesting Fun Facts About Coffee That Will Be Sure To Wake You Up This Morning

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coffee1 We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting fun facts about coffee to get your morning started the right way.

Fun Facts About Coffee That Will Be Sure To Wake You Up This Morning

This morning you probably crawled out of bed, went to the kitchen and the first thing you did was make some coffee. But, is first thing in the morning really the best time to drink coffee? We’ve compiled a list with this answer and many other fun facts about coffee that will change the way you look at the beverage.


1. The Ideal Time to Drink Coffee is Between 9:30 and 11:30 am


Studies show that the ideal time to drink coffee is not right when you wake up, but rather after waiting a couple hours. This has to do with your body’s natural circadian rhythms, which dictate when your body will produce cortisol, a hormone that keeps you awake and alert.

2. The Wonderful Effects of Coffee Were Discovered by Observing Goats


An Ethiopian Shepard noticed his goats were very energetic and frisky after eating the coffee berries. After telling his local monastary, the monks began to make drinks out of the wonderful bean. The word eventually spread across the world, where it is now consumed on all corners of the earth.

3. Coffee is the Second Most Traded Commodity in the World


The most commonly traded commodity in the world is oil.

4. Coffee is Actually Grown as a Red Berry on a Tall Tree


The coffee beans that we consume are the seeds inside these berries. The process to get to the “beans” that we are familiar with involves stripping the outside of the berry and letting the seed sit out to dry. They are then shipped as raw coffee beans to be roasted, and then brewed into the drink we love.

5. Coffee is Only Grown On What is Known as the “Bean Belt”


The “bean belt” is the area between the tropics around the equator. Hawaii is the only state in the United States that grows coffee.

6. Instant Coffee was Invented by George Washington


Unfortunately, we’re not referring to the first president of the U.S. George Washington was actually a Belgian man living in Guatemala, and he invented instant coffee in 1906.

7. In the World, it is Estimated that 2.25 Billion Cups of Coffee are Consumed Every Day


While the majority of coffee consumption takes place in industrialized countries, about 90% off coffee production takes place in developing countries. The Netherlands consumes the most coffee per day with 2.4 cups being consumed per person. Although America drinks the most coffee overall per day, they only rank 16th when it comes to coffee drinking per person.

8. The Most Expensive Coffee in the World is Made Out of Dung


Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, can sell from anywhere between $100-$600 per pound. What makes this coffee so expensive is he way it is produced. Before the berries are even picked from the trees, civet cats eat the whole berries but are unable to digest the seed or the “bean.” They then excrete the bean. Farmers collect the excrement and turn it into usable coffee.

9. The First Webcam Ever Created was Used to Check the Status of a Coffee Pot


Above is an actual screenshot from the first ever webcam. In 1991, a team of computer scientists at the University of Cambridge created a short circuit live feed of a nearby coffee pot so that they would always know whether or not the coffee pot was empty, and they wouldn’t waste their time going to the coffee pot for nothing.

10. The Aroma of Coffee Alone is Enough to Give You a Little Energy Boost


Studies have shown that the scent of coffee is able to reactivate genes that become suppressed from a lack of sleep. The scent of coffee is also known to elicit happy feelings and good memories. This might help explain why we love the smell of coffee so much.

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