Laundromatch: Skip The Laundromat

Posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 by

laundromatch5Laundromatch is a web and mobile app that connects people with neighbors’ washers and dryers in order to do laundry for $10 per load.

Use Your Neighbor’s Washer and Dryer

laundromatch3Laundry can be a pain. If you’re lucky enough to own a washer and dryer or have them in the apartment that you rent, cleaning your clothes is easy. If you live in a big city and have to lug your clothes to the laundromat, it’s much more difficult. Laundromatch has created a bridge between those with washing machines in their homes and those without. The site links hosts with people looking to get their laundry done, allowing them to open their homes as de facto laundromats. It’s similar to sharing services like Airbnb, except the only thing hosts have to worry about is using the washer and dryer that’s already in their home.


Do Someone’s Laundry, Make $9

laundromatch4For those looking to get their clothes cleaned, Laundromatch costs $10. That price includes fold service, but it’s an additional $10 for pickup & drop-off services as well. Hosts make $9 per load, and Laundromatch takes only a 10% fee. You can make $9 extra for pickup and drop-off services. That’s a relatively high amount to make for simply doing some laundry for people in your neighborhood. On the other end, Laundromatch is an incredibly convenient solution to all the annoying aspects about having to go to the laundromat to get your clothes cleaned. At $10 per load, it’s a little more expensive than most people would want to spend. Still, it’s less expensive than most drop-off services and it saves you time spent at your local laundromat. The service is just getting going, so it doesn’t necessarily have a large user base. In fact, it can be tough to even find a match at the time you want, and many of the features are quite clunky (plus they force you to sign up with both your Facebook account and phone number). Still, the idea is strong enough that it’s at least worth giving a try.


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