ShareCare: Live Your Healthiest Life

Posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 by

sharecare5ShareCare gives you a personalized health profile, with advice and tips as to how to live your best life.

What’s Your RealAge?

sharecare2ShareCare is a health site developed by two high-profile names in the health industry — Dr. Oz and Jeff Arnold (the creator of WebMD). The site is designed in order to give every individual his or her personalized health profile. Users can build this profile through a couple of steps. The first is taking the RealAge Test, which sounds a bit gimmicky but is a free way to estimate your health more accurately. After ShareCare has the results of that test, it can use specific data points to tailor custom recommendations to help you get back in your right state of health.


A Better, More Personalized WebMD

sharecare3Because ShareCare was built by Jeff Arnold, it also includes a web and mobile app that lets you describe your health problems and get instant feedback as to what might be the problem and what you can do to solve it. That’s part of the AskMD feature, which is a bit more trustworthy than WebMD because it uses your real health data. The site also includes a Q&A section in which you can follow real health professionals for advice or ask them questions about health and fitness and receive real answers. No website will ever replace traditional health care services, but ShareCare’s combination of expert advice and personalized profiles make it one of the best options to explore your own health online.


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