4 Different Ways to Tell a Story

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storytellingStorytelling has changed over the years due to the rise of technology. There are now 4 different ways to tell a story: through images, videos, books and blogs.

Brief Insight into Storytelling

Everyone wants to inspire the people around them, whether it is their pWhat's Your Storyeers, family or friends. However, it is sometimes hard to do that. People do not enjoy standing up and telling their story in front of people. This is the reason why storytelling has changed from the original reading a book or making something up on the spot. It had to change in order to keep up with the ever changing modern way of life. Now there are many different ways to tell a story, most of them using the technology of this day and age..

1) Leave a Story – Stories through Images

This website’s platform lets people to send in their story in text. The graphic designer of the site then creates a picture in return. The one warning on the site is “what you give is what you get,” meaning the designer can interpret the story in whatever way he likes. Leave a Story allows for individuals to share their story freely. This gives people the opportunity to share whatever is on their minds, as it is completely anonymous. When the picture is completed, it is uploaded to an Instagram account as well as the homepage of Leave a Story.

Leave a Story

2) Your Voice – Stories through Videos

Your Voice is a website for young adults to tell their stories about dealing with and overcoming mental health challenges. This is a nonprofit organization as well as a digital platform in order to raise awareness about mental health. This platform allows for people to upload their personal stories about mental illness in a video form, and they are posted in order to attract attention to the issue. Your Voice puts great emphasis on making it a video rather than text or images, as this makes it more emotional and gains more awareness. The motto the organization goes by is, “Your Voice is Our Voice!” and this is exemplified in the video below.

3) Storybird – Stories through Books

Storybird is a platform that allows for people to get together and create art-inspired stories in a short amount of time. The website provides different pieces of artwork from many different people and gets writers to make them into a story. The idea is that the writer will pick an artist of their choice and then a storyboard will open with a variety of art pieces made by that artist. The writer will then decide on which images they want to help visualize their story. This is a great way for an individual to unleash their feelings, as well as their hidden creativity.


4) Medium – Stories through Blogs

Medium is a way to share your ideas and stories online in one simple click. It is easy to use and allows everyone to read what you are writing, if it is good quality. If your blog post gets a lot of public engagement, it gets pushed to the top of the collection. Every blog that is written is organized into a collection based off of the theme of the post. Medium believes that if people keep sharing their ideas and experiences, this will assist humanity to move forward.


Wibki – Now It’s Up To You!

Wibki is designed for individuals to have an easier time surfing the web by bookmarking sites to which they wish to return. If you go onto Wibki and select the “Storytelling” tab, it will bring you to many different websites that are bookmarked. These websites offer a variety of ways to tell a story — whether it is through images, videos, blogs or books. It also includes the best blogging platforms for you to use to your advantage. The visual beauty of Wibki is organized, simple and makes everything easier.

Wibki - Storytelling

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