Jour: Guided Journaling

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 by

Jour is a journaling app that aims to guide you towards self-care.

Journal With Jour

Journaling in an app can be scary. What if your thoughts are lost forever? What if someone breaks into your account and reveals all your secrets? These are valid concerns for traditional diary-keeping, but Jour isn’t a traditional journal. Instead, it offers guided journals with topics and questions that aim to elevate your self-care routine. After setting up a profile on the app, Jour has a series of exercises that are intended to keep you reflecting on your life while setting goals and appreciating the little things. The journal asks questions like “What’s one thing in life that makes you feel happy?” and “What can I learn today?”

Join The Community

In terms of design and functionality, Jour is similar to apps like Headspace. It has certain daily challenges and exercises that keep you on track. It displays information in easy-to-digest, quick Instagram stories-style text and graphic series. There’s also the option to simply start writing your own journal from scratch. You can also join Jour’s Telegram community for a more social element, and read through a variety of other resources that should help you on your path to self-care. If you’re interested in journaling, setting goals, or just stopping once every day to reflect upon what you’ve done, Jour is a must-download.

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