Huckberry: Men’s Online Shop And Journal

Posted on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 by

huckberrycoverHuckberry is an online shop and journal that inspires more active, adventurous, and stylish lives through members-only sales, original story-telling, and unique experiences.

A Twice-Weekly Newsletter of Sales and Stories

huckberry2Huckberry is an online store that offers men’s clothing and gear.  The site sends newsletters to its members twice a week, announcing new sales and deals. The newsletter also contains stories from the site’s Journal section, which is essentially a digital men’s lifestyle magazine. There are stories about travel, food and adventure, with articles like “How To Care For Your Knife” and “Craft Beer in Central America.” The Journal is actually well-written and it contains a bunch of interesting stories, but Huckberry’s focus is on the things that it sells. The site offers a collection of clothing, footwear, outdoor gear and accessories, as well as home & grooming products.


Shop Sales Within The Time Limit

huckberry3Huckberry’s store does contain some great items, but the site’s main draw is its sale section. A couple times a week, a limited collection of items are made available for sale. There’s also a time limit on the deal. The collections are usually organized around a particular theme – “Made In The USA,” for instance, features Huckberry’s favorite US-made brands. The “National Parks Gift Shop” contains graphic t-shirts featuring national parks. In order to access all of this, the site requires that you sign up with an e-mail or Facebook account. It’s annoying that they don’t let you test the site before signing up, but Huckberry does offer a cool and unique shopping experience.


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