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documentaryaddict1Documentary Addict is the largest and best curated collection of documentaries on the planet.

Discover Great New (and Old) Docs

documentaryaddict4Documentary Addict hosts nearly 5,000 documentaries on a wide range of subjects. Almost all of the documentaries are embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos, but they’re typically full-length films on interesting subjects. The fact that they’re available on YouTube, of course, means that they’re free. There’s no need to even log in to Documentary Addict, the site simply displays the best of the world’s docs and lets you choose what you want to watch. In addition to the “Just Added,” “Week’s Most Riveting,” and “Top Documentaries” that can be found on the homepage, Documentary Addict features 26 categories and genres of films.


Stream for Free, Then Join the Discussion

documentaryaddict3There are categories for “Talks and Lectures,” “Biography,” “History,” and even specific topics like “9/11” on Documentary Addict. The site also has some features that go a step beyond just finding and featuring YouTube documentaries. There’s a relatively lengthy description beneath each embedded video, as well as an actively-used comment section. The right-hand panel of the site lets users browse and participate in all the comment discussions happening in real-time. Other information like the film’s IMDb rating and DA community rating is also displayed. Each video page also has a “light switch,” which removes all the background elements and displays the video above a black background. There’s tons of interesting content waiting to be discovered on Documentary Addict, including prominent films like Food Inc. For those bored with Netflix’s offerings and looking for a good doc to watch, this is the web’s best free option.


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