Greatist: Think Differently About Health and Fitness

Posted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 by

greatist5Greatist is a blog designed to help the world think of health in a healthier way.

Choose To Get In Shape

greatist2Too many health blogs set unrealistic expectations for their readers. Anyone that takes advice from a site that tells them that they’ll get in shape in just a few weeks is only setting themselves up for disappointment. Greatist is a refreshing voice in health and fitness, approaching those subjects in a more realistic manner. The writers at Greatist understand that achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a long, balanced process. Their articles are focused on helping you set goals that you can actually reach on your own terms — with headlines like “The 15-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home” and “30 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Mornings on the Run.”

Health + Humor

greatist1Unlike most other health and fitness sites, Greatist also uses an easygoing, humorous tone in its articles. It hosts lists like “20 Low-Carb Substitutes That Don’t Suck” and “Why Are People Drinking Charcoal (and Should I Be)?” These articles are spread across six categories — “Move,” “Eat,” “Grow,” “Play,” “Discover” and “Connect.” There are recipe recommendations, yoga routines, workout plans and motivational stories contained in each of those categories. There are also instructional videos created exclusively for Greatist (available to stream for free), and a shop with instructional guides (available for purchase). It’s the best site for any normal person that wants to learn how to start getting healthy on his or her own terms.


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