Rome2Rio: Search The Best Way To Get From City To City

Posted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 by

rome2rio5Rome2Rio is a search platform for discovering the best way to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile.

Find The Best Way From Point A To Point B

rome2rio1Planning a multi-destination trip is a complex process. There are plenty of travel websites that help users find the best routes through various locations, but finding the ideal transportation methods between cities is one of the most difficult aspects. Rome2Rio is a platform that combines bus, plane, train, ferry and automobile travel into one search. Unlike sites like Kayak, which only allow users to find cars or flights in separate searches based on specific dates and travel times, Rome2Rio displays the best options (as well as all of the alternatives) in one place. Rome2Rio doesn’t even require users to specify dates, it simply recommends the best methods of travel between two particular locations.


Search All Methods Of Transportation

rome2rio2On Rome2Rio’s homepage, all you have to do is enter your origin and destination cities (the site also lets users search for the best routes to destinations within the same city). The site then quickly returns a list of results, taking travel time and estimated cost into consideration. A search between Istanbul, Turkey and Lisbon, Portugal, for instance, recommends a flight as the top option. It claims a flight would take about 8 hrs, and cost between $207 – $488. It even takes into consideration the time and cost of using public transportation to travel to and from airports in either city. The site also always displays alternative options, such as bus, train, and driving routes. You can also compare rental car or hotel rates. Most of the search result screen is filled with an interactive map, allowing prospective travelers to visualize their route and make the most of their trip planning experience. Rome2Rio offers a more niche service than the more robust travel sites out there, but using the platform can save a ton of time and energy when conducting your travel and transportation research.


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