Snap Fashion: Start Shopping From A Photo

Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2015 by

snapfashion5Snap Fashion lets you upload photos of your favorite clothing, finding similar items from across the web.

Snap It

snapfashion3Everyone has a unique sense of style, yet most online stores expect everyone to want the same things. Snap Fashion is a new way of shopping online, allowing you to upload a photo of your favorite pieces of clothing or other items. You can use an image you found online or one of your own uploads, taking a picture either via the web or via your mobile device. The site then searches through items based on a similar color and shape. Snap Fashion works with actual retailers, so there’s a limited selection of results, but most of the options are high-quality.


Upload Any Image

snapfashion1Snap Fashion works for both men and women. The image upload and search process isn’t always perfect, but it is cool to see results based on whatever image you used. If you upload a picture of a black hat, for instance, Snap Fashion does return a list of somewhat similar options. The site doesn’t sell products directly through its platform, but it does link to other places around the web where you can make your purchase. It also offers the option to filter by price or your favorite brands, or to browse random or trending options. Shopping from a photo is cool concept that’s tough to execute but mostly done well by Snap Fashion.


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