Google Feud: Complete The Search

Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 by

googlefeud5Google Feud is a Family Feud-style web game that lets players guess Google’s most popular autocomplete search terms.

Search History Says…

googlefeud3Google’s autocomplete is a useful feature that speeds up searches and helps you find what other users have been looking up on the search engine. It also typically has some funny or interesting suggestions — either based on your own search history or the combined efforts of Google users around the world. Google Feud is a web game that uses Google’s API to let users guess the 10 most commonly searched terms that complete the start of a word or phrase. The game is based on Family Feud, so there are multiple answers to any given question (and it’s a much larger sample size than the 100 people surveyed on that show). The most popular answer is worth 10,000 points, the second most popular is worth 9,000 and so on. You can keep entering answers until you get three wrong (and the Family Feud Xs fill up the screen).


Three Strikes, You’re Out

googlefeud4Google Feud is a fun game, but it’s more difficult than it sounds. Many of the answers are specific phrases that wont seem obvious until you guess wrong three times and see all the answers. On the question “Do dogs …”, for instance, I tried “see in black and white.” One of the answers was “see in color.” On the question “Weather in …” I answered “New York,” which was wrong. “NYC” was the top answer. There are four categories to choose from: Culture, People, Names and Questions. Names is one of the easiest categories, because it gives you a first name and has you autocomplete the last name. It’s a fun, goofy game, but it’s actually interesting to see what the most commonly searched terms are.


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