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Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 by

newdoyouyoga5DoYouYoga is a global community for everyone who wants to upgrade their life with health, happiness, and yoga.

Do You Yoga? You Should.

doyouyoga1Yoga has transformed from an ancient spiritual practice to a modern way of staying fit and healthy. Yoga frenzy has swept throughout the globe, and the practice has also made its way online. There are numerous sites offering video instruction for yoga that can be completed at home, but DoYouYoga offers something different. The site is a regularly-updated blog covering all things yoga, fostering a community of individuals committed to living a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. The site is constantly adding new articles with tips and advice as to how to stay healthy and make the most of your yoga. Examples of article headlines include “How CrossFit Helped My Yoga Practice” and “Tips for Going and Staying Vegan (With Recipe).”


A Social Network For Yoga Lovers

doyouyoga4In addition to offering an online magazine of articles and videos written by yoga and health experts, DoYouYoga also acts as a type of social network. Users can create profiles using Facebook or e-mail, allowing them to join group classes, connect with each other and share their own health and yoga tips. Similar to the other aforementioned yoga sites, DoYouYoga does offer video instruction courses. Several of them are free, and the longer and more in-depth courses are available for a modest fee. Considering the additional resources and materials as well as the supportive community of users, DoYouYoga is the perfect online home for yoga enthusiasts.


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