Golden: The Intelligent, Open Knowledge Base

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2019 by

Golden is a knowledge database powered by humans and AI.

Wikipedia + AI = Golden

Wikipedia has been such a fixture on the web that it feels irreplaceable. At this point, it is almost a public service. It is a tool that everyone uses, sometimes without even thinking about the significance of the knowledge database that they’re accessing. Golden is the first company in years that threatens to upend—or, considering this is a database of knowledge we’re talking about—improve upon what Wikipedia built. Golden differs from the infamous online encyclopedia by including an AI component. Machine learning and natural language processing work together in order to find the ideal improvements for each page on the site.

Explore Interesting/Relevant Topics

Golden doesn’t have AI writing its pages, yet. Humans still form the core of the site. Users can add, edit, and read any of the site’s many interesting pages. The robots just help out with the aforementioned suggestions, which, in addition to content, also include automatic citations and real-time alerts when a topic of yours has been altered. The majority of the topics now have a techy, futuristic bent, but that doesn’t mean the site will remain limited. Golden also has a smart query system tailored for businesses, to help them find the most relevant topics. Unlike Wikipedia, there is a pricing model for Golden (although regular users can access it for free). That seems to indicate that the company has ambitions beyond what Wikipedia has done, and it will be exciting to watch what they do next.

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