WWF Free Rivers: Explore

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2019 by

WWF Free Rivers is an augmented reality experience.

Explore The River

Even with all the inventive possibilities that smart phone AR promises, few companies have capitalized on employing the technology for useful purposes. WWF, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, has been one of the most interesting creators of AR experiences. WWF Free Rivers is an innovative app for educators, or just anyone who wants to learn more about rivers. The app transports a river system into your room, viewable on a flat surface through your phone’s camera viewfinder. Once set up, the river stays stationary, and you move around it in order to trigger different stories about various aspects of the river system.

Meet People, Plants, And Animals

Considering the NGO behind the app, it makes sense that WWF Free Rivers includes important information about nature conservation. In addition to learning about the river, you also meet people and wildlife that depend upon the river for survival. There’s also an interactive component, in which you dam the river in order to see what effect that has. There are other forms of simulation that help impact the river in front of you. Overall, WWF Free Rivers is a fun experience that’s worth watching, no matter how old or educated you already are. The app is available in both the iOS and Google Play stores, for phones with AR functionality.

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