Glose: Reading Made Better

Posted on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 by

Glose is a social reading platform.

Read & Discuss From The Same Spot

Although there are many great sites for the literary internet, the strongest and most consistent site remains the relatively antiquated Goodreads. Although Goodreads is more than just good for keeping track of the books you’ve read or plan to read, following your friends reading habits, and rating books together, it lacks the design and social functionality of Glose. Glose differentiates itself first and foremost with its built-in book viewer. You can read books from within the site itself, making it easier to keep track of your progress and share your thoughts with others. Reading on Glose is a surprisingly pleasant experience. The company offers a bookstore that contains over a million free e-books as well as new and classic books for purchase.

Join A Virtual Book Club

The coolest part about being able to connect with friends on Glose is that you can share notes in the margins of books you’re reading, together. This makes it an attractive tool for long distance book clubs or other literary groups with an online component. You can also start literary discussions from within the site’s platform. Those more accustomed to modern social networks and web design will definitely find those social aspects more appealing than its competitors. Although the literary space might be difficult for any startup to navigate—simply because it’s difficult to motivate people to read online when there are innumerable distractions on the web surrounding them, but hopefully Glose can cultivate the strong community that it intends to build.

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