Maker Mag: The Culture of Indie Making

Posted on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 by

Maker Mag is a community-driven magazine dedicated to indie maker culture.

Written By Makers

Maker Mag is an online magazine written by, for, and about indie makers and entrepreneurs. It delves deep into all aspects of maker culture, aspiring to build a platform of diverse voices that’s able to connect and discuss trends in the community. Because the articles on the site are written by makers, they aren’t always the greatest or most well-written. For the most part, however, they’re interesting. Even if you’re not a maker yourself, reading through the site provides some valuable insight into the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Plus, it’s often more worthwhile to hear two makers interviewing each other, rather than leaving questions to an unfamiliar journalist like other tech sites do.

For Makers & More

The topics on Maker Mag include “Community,” “Culture,” “Made by Makers,” “Money,” “Wellness,” and “Work.” As those titles suggest, there’s a wide range of content on the site. The creators of the magazine have emphasized that they don’t want any of the all-encompassing aspects of being a maker to be off-limits. It’s refreshing to see articles about mental health alongside interviews about 3D printing. That’s what sets Maker Mag apart from other sites, and ultimately makes it a worthwhile destination for anyone involved in or interested in learning about the maker lifestyle. If anything, the site is at least doing something different, while contributing to the culture with which it is already involved.

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